Bound by Flame launching in a cropped view

I just downloaded the game Bound by Flame on steam. Every time I launch the game it's in a cropped view, only showing the bottom left corner of the menu.
Using Ubuntu 14.04.

Maybe updating your machine will help. Ubuntu 16.04 is already available.

You mean 15.04 right? 16 is out on the 21st.

Anyways could you take a screenshot? Not exactly sure what you mean.

Oh, oops. Thought, it is already out.

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Yeah. I'm anxious for it.

Pm me if you want to chat about it and lets try to help this poor fellow :3

Oops. Yeah, we went off topic.

@FlameSilver Is updating your system an option or do you rely on Ubuntu 14.04? Also:

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15.04 didn't work for me, that's why I'm using 14.04. Thinking about trying another distro, but because of my slow ass internet I'm hesitant cause I'll have to spend 5 days getting all of my software downloaded.

@FaunCB I'll get a screenshot for you.

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This is what it looks like when I load up the game.


It could be a driver issue or some problem with the X window manager. But I am really not sure about that. And I would not recommend to play around with the graphics driver if you don't have to.

Do you have an IRC client installed?
Maybe you get more information at the Ubuntu IRC channel.
Channel: #ubuntu

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