Bought that mac finally :U

Just so people shut up, I paid 19 dollars

A long while back I said I was going to get that macbook. Well, I got one, just not a good one. Not even one that can run 10.7. No somehow I managed to end up getting a CORE DUO macbook. Late late 2006 so no buggy shitty EFI chip at least. Though I will be trading up if I can at some point.

However for the moment my goal is to get 10.6.8 and windws on it and get it set up for what I have wanted it for: Educational Bullshit. When I start back at school I want a way to unify all my work I am going to be doing on one ecosystem. My imac will be able to be tho main host and my macbook will be the outing (especially with my ibook being effectively dead).

One thing that pisses me off is the fact that I only have 1 1GB stick of ram. I thought I had 2 spare but the only other one I have is in my imac and I'd rather not yank it out....

Though... Well maybe I will... Can't hurt after all.

I'll be looking into hacking 10.7 onto the machine as there should be a modded kernel out there for one of these machines. At the moment it seems rather zippy for what it is and to be honest it's going to be doing work, not play. If I end up getting something mac related in the future to do more with then I'll post about it but at most I'll be doing minecraft (which I know is playable thanks to the 8 bit guy).

Windows will be for experimenting with the shitty GPU. Games, sure, but video and youtube as well. I don't know what will be available in 10.6 for browsers yet so we'll have to wait and see about that I think.

I will also be rejuvenating my "Why in the World" thread on Core Duo's now that I have one. I didn't do anything with it because I didn't have the hardware yet.

OVer all the machine is clean other than a few scuffs. KB is barely even used, mostly just the trackpad. It looks like it was at the bottom of a stack of them in a school and it was used periodically, not daily. The other units there (Comprenew, the parts depot) had blasted screens, bad mobos, and fucked up KB's, aside from case damage. This unit only has some scuffs from rubber feet and the normal cracking of these cases from heat and time.

Excited over all though. New machine, new projects to come.

To the lab!!!

Edit: Don't be a critical little shitbug and bitch about me doing something. If you have anything useful that I might like to know, then say that. Don't just spout bullshit. Be respectable at the very least.


You're retarded.

You should have bought a ThinkPad

now now, let's be civil


No sir, you're retarded.

I already have a thinkpad and I paid 19 dollars for a unit that was mostly unused and that I can easily repair.

Although I did look at 2 thinkpads while I was there. One was a T400. The other I couldn't tell what it was because the entire inside of the unit looked like it went through a wood chipper. If I was going to buy a thinkpad it would be another 600X like the one I already have.

At that I have outsmarted your accusation, now that I think about it. I have 3 R500's that I am getting for the cost of shipping from another user here on the forum. So, fuck you too.


I hope you got that Core 2 Duo mac for basically free, or if you paid, nothing more than $100. They're so old and unpowered that it wouldn't make sense to pay more, even with the "Apple branding" on it.

I hope you didn't pay to much for it, as these laptops are only useful for surfing the web. And i know what the 8 bit guys said but i can assure you any large mine craft world will cause this computer to chug.

If you've nothing constructive to say, just don't say it. There's absolutely no need to call people retarded.

@FaunCB Do you know much about putting non OSX OS' on mac systems? IS that all through bootcamp? Do you know if Linux works?

Yeah it all works fine I'm actually going to dualboot with windows 8.1 I think. I mostly want OSX 10.6 on it so I can use my ppc apps and I'll give like 60 GB to windows. Also no, I can install without bootcamp. On macs October 2007 and later you need bootcamp to do anything but any time before that you don't.

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Hm. I have an old Workstation Mac Pro just sitting under my desk, the Core 2 Quad Xeon ones, 8 cores and 3ghz if I recall. I've always wanted to re purpose it into something else, but I've never had any idea into what. Sadly, it was the model just before that silly 64bit firmware thing, so it killed any upgrades moving forward for it :/ I did read there was ways around it by changing the boot loaded to a Linux one or something like that? But it seemed such a task just to get an upgraded OSX to work.

If its the unit I'm thinking of you can just change the efi chip. Its a solderef chip, but you can.

Trying to think of ways to bench this unit and compare it to my other laptops. Its a bit u fair to put it up against Barrock as thats xeons, albeit on a terrible platform, or fizo because its a gaming laptop with a 9800m gs. I guess my netbook is the best comparison? Core Duo vs Dual Core Atom? 845gme vs 950gme? Its a sata 1.5 laptop vs a netbook with a sata 3 hdd on a sata 2 bus. That might be interesting.... I'm happy with the unit as it is so theres not much to say past "this is neat" for the moment. I guess all I want to do with it for the moment is play tf2 but past that I din't know what else I should do with it.

Maybe look into oc? Give me smne ideas!

I've always been curious about a SSD and linux on one of these for a daily driver. Maybe I should experiment too, cause the mac OS limits are kinda a problem on my end, too.

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I could give it a shot. It's not like I really got anything to loose as it's just gathering dust.

Sometimes I hate peoples comments.

If you can get a full system at $18 that does exactly what is required of it then... why wouldn't you?

If something performs exactly to its required function then it is never obsolete.


The thing for me is I use apps that are on my ppc machines that are specific to those machines still. I'm pissed that my i ook is dead because a: it has my copy of quake on it now that a friend has the disc b: It has a nice ide on it that doesn't get updated anymore that I actually prefer c: my ibook is tiny as fuck.

My macbook is going to be the filler for that gap. Small, office based, experimental. I just don't know the limits yet.

Also an ssd won't do anything for boot times. Its EFI chip is the limiter there as, I think, its the same chip from the powerbooks. The chip i. total is slow though. It has to do a full hardware scane, os detection, self post, then find the elf to boot into the os. Most os's don't start that way but osx does and thats the argument against using windows ir linux on mac's. Pain i. the ass and a stupid excuse if you ask me.

hmmm. Well I can deal with shit boot time tbh, cause depending I might not turn it off for a while (if I can find a working battery over here that holds a charge!) for office stuffs. I'm more curious about app load times and such, I know it will probably limit out, but a 64g ssd did wonders for my fedora dual core. I don't know enough about the mac os to know what type of changes I would see.

PS 19$ for that is a pretty good deal. lol people have offered me as much as 100$ for one of those things like 6 mths ago.

Also, I just wanna say that despite my 4790k and 32GB of ram desktop at home, and the fact that I could just buy a 2nd gen i5 or something (I mean, I have some e6410s over here I could just use), I still use a gateway w350i with a SSD for school and 'public' use.
Why? I guess cause I can. Plus I mean, if someone wants to steal it, or I happen to spill coffee on it or something, I could care less. The drive is probably worth as much as the unit lol.

@FaunCB keep doing what you're doing, who gives a shit otherwise. I'm sure on the outside it seems like we have no idea what we're doing; but really I think those type of people own things like a Macbook Air.

The 4channers don't deserve a log in here. Not the level of respectable that should be held.

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I'm having an issue where I don't know wtf is available for browsers. I wasn't aware 10.6.8 didn't have major browser support as I know plenty of people who us e10.6. I will be installing windows soon enough but I would like to know my OSX options here.

Any ideas?

I am not bashing or hating you in anyway, and I don't know if this is "constructive" but I had to use a MacBook for a short time doing some photo work for the company I work for, it even had an SSD, it was literally the most miserable I have been, even more miserable than when I got out of high school and ate roman noodles for months...

What is it with Linux and MacOS(OS10/whatever) being laggy with SSDs? The controls and shortcuts were "clunky" IMO.

Long story short I convinced them to get me a PC(with Windows) and show them I could edit at least 10 photos in the amount of time to took me to edit 1 on that MacBook!

The 1 thing I did like was the text and image scaling, Linux and OS10/w/e, has scaling down good.

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Linux doesn't have issues with ssd's, thats a hardware problem. OSX however is built around HDD's and loading your apps i to ram at boot. It doesn't know what an ssd is. As I said earlier about the efi bs, an ssd only helps affter it boots.

In my case I actually really like using macs. If they weren't stupid expensive they would be all that I would use, and yes, that is heresy. This macbook is literally the intel version of my ibook and the only big difference is the 2 finger scroll and windows. The only reason to have a mac is to do work on it and with a community here that games nukes happen often.

Interesting that photo edits were f'd up... What was your issue? Render times? I assume you were using adobe yes?