Bought laptop or eBay, it has screen problem

Hi guys and gals, just looking for some advice . i bought a Samsung series 7 ultra on ebay and got it for a really good price. It was listed as in great condition but today it turned up and the screen is flickering and lines are going across it intermittently. I will post a YouTube video shortly so you can see.. My question is should I try and fix it/can it be fixed as it really was a good deal. or Should I just send it back. Another option maybe to see if the international warranty may cover it. Anyway I will upload the video when i get home. Thanks in advance


Ps i hope this is the right forum to post this in 

sounds like the LCD display is broken, the black lines are cracks in the display. Note  that the display can be broken and the protective glas still be unharmed.

I'm not sure it's that because the lines are not there all the time. It's flashing like there is interference or like when the old crt tvs used to go. Anyway its not much good me explaining untill I upload the vid here's the link

Is it the same in 3d applications? have you tried running the monitor in different refresh rates? try running energy options on all high. update drivers. might have to open up the case and see that everythings properly connected.

I don't know the cause of this, someone might have a direct answer.


This is the problem I think, this is the cable connector from the lcd to the motherboard, i say this is the problem because when you take the back off it doesnt do it, but as soon as you push the cable it starts... do you know what sort of cable this is? can you buy one?

In fact I don't think it is that. wiggling the cable doesn't seem to correlate with the glitching, i presume it must be a screen problem