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Bought 2 Baldecenter c7000 enclosures with blades. Now what?

I just bought 2 BladeCenter for my small business where we manage high-profile esport tournaments.

I wanted to make a cluster with these 2 centers where I can make a load-balance or failover system.

I have been able to connect to the iLo management and connect to ½ of the blade in the first blade center (the other is turned off due to power requirements)
Now I have tried to connect to blade number. 1 and cannot get the virtual media iLo feature to pick up my .iso file…

Do any of you guys know what the best way to deploy a linux server os to all my blades?


make sure you have all firmware up to date.
you may need to use internet exporer for the older bl460 blades

I have a few of the bl460 and 460G6 and they seem to only run properly under internet explorer