Bottlenecking or not?!?

Oh yeah, I totally forgot...THANX!!! GD65, here i come!!! XD

Oh yeah, I totally forgot...THANX!!! GD65, here i come!!! XD

Haha, I also forgot, I spent a few minutes running down the specs. Looks like a great board, only thing I miss is the lack of clear CMOS button.... Oh well, battery works just as good.

yeah, well i'm not much into OC'ing or doing anything of the sort...i prefer 'stock' XD i guess the battery's enough for me. btw, this is a bit off topic, but here's something that's killing me over and over...I got 30~50 FPS in borderlands with the HD4830 @ 1366X768, but even with the GTX 260 i bought recently, the FPS doesn't get any better!!! according to benches, a single GTX 260 is wayy more than enough to play this game on the highest details possible, upto 1920X1200...or maybe 1680X1050. I'm playing @ 1366 res and how in the world can this be happening?!? is my C2D E7400 the culprit? I noticed this in some other games too...i thought they'd just fly at my res with the GTX 260, but it's still the same... :( can anyone shed some light? do I need to upgrade to that i5 sooner than I thought?

Hmm that's weird, my other computer has a 9600GSO and Phenom 2 955, it runs that game max at like 45fps. I'm guessing your CPU is the culprit.

obviously it's his CPU, The Phenom II 955 is an amazing chip

Haha, I just was a bit touchy on whether or not an E7200 would really bottleneck that much... It's doing worse than card half as good.

I'll be honest, i get like 30-60 fps in that game with a gtx 260 core 216 and a phenom 9950 quad core... its just not optimised i think. Try other games, but your cpu IS a bit slow for gaming....

I don't know man, I found that game to be really optimized. I also didn't think the graphics were that good anyway.

Oh well, looks like I gotta get that i5... I had an Athlon 64 3000+ a few ago, but when I bought that HD 4830, all I got was a constant 15FPS for COD maxed out at 75FPS when I bought the C2D and 4gigs of DDR2 ram. Guess history's repeating... :( Thanx for clearing it up guys...:)

Yep thats PC gaming for ya!

but still better than ****sole gaming...PC FTW!!! at least for me, that is...:D

Everyone agrees PC gaming is more fun. Everyone who I've let play my PC games, after being a console gamer, agrees it's more fun.

As for your Core i5, that should last you a good 2 years, games won't start eating quad cores alive for quite some time now.

for me, PC's wayyy better... and talking bout processors, i just found out that Core i3 might be a winner too...but then again, like u said, getting a quad core is more sensible after looking at the new Crysis 2 trailer and all the wicked future titles... :D

Certainly don't get i3, those are just... for the money, get an i5. haha