Bottleneck? R9 280x FX6300

Not sure if this is the right topic nut i'll carry on anyway.

I recently upgraded my GPU from a saphire R9 270x to a 280x.

I wondered if my CPU (FX-6300) will bottleneck it much. I know it is usually game dependent but i wanted some opinions. Also would i be better of saving money and OC'ing it or spending more and getting an 8350?


Thanks any feedback is appreciated :)

No. It will not bottleneck. An FX-6300 should handle two of those GPUs without much effort.

The 8 core is faster but really not that much of a jump as you'll be fine for the most part with the 6 core. They overclock well so if you feel it is becoming sluggish just turn up the Mhz. 

I answered a very similar thread not so long ago and didn't feel like typing it all again, there you go.