Bottleneck issues?

How bad will a x4 750k or 760k bottleneck a 7970?  I can't find a good answer as peoples definition of bottleneck seems to be different.  All I want to do is be able to average 60fps on high to ultra settings in most games.  Also how will it preform in cpu bound games like skyrim with a ton of mods?

A good gpu for a x4 750k/760k is a HD7870/R9 270/X anything above that starts to get bottlenecked on some games but not by much.

I know that there will be a bottleneck, but will i be able to maintain 60fps on high/ultra settings?

I'll help with this. Im running a stock ivy bridge i5 at 3.8ghz with an overclocked 7970 and in Max settings on bf4 running DX 11i get between 50 and 80 fps. I barely see it drop below 60 and it only does when the Levolution stuff starts.

Dont know why your fps is so low why are you not useing mantle my FX8320+HD7950 run a solid locked 60FPS (vsync) its up in to the 100fps mark with vsync off.

It depends on the game really. 

If a game is much more GPU dependent, having a slower CPU won't matter as much as not much load is put on it. You'll be able to run the game fine. BioShock Infinite is a good example of this. 

Some games will require more CPU power and a slower CPU that can't handle it slows down the whole chain and limits the power of the GPU. See Crysis 3 for this type of game. 

Some games it will bottleneck others not so much. It just depends. Skyrim with a ton of mods will probably need a more powerful CPU and I doubt you'd be able to hold 60FPS on Ultra.

I want to correct what Kai said. No that is not what a bottleneck is. Bottlenecks are real things. A CPU can limit the power of the GPU and slow the whole game down. That isn't just being "silly" to have them in the same computer.

Ok it seems lime a 6300 wouldn't be much of a bottleneck, in most games anyways. But what about a 4300 how bad will the bottleneck be there?

An FX-6300 won't bottleneck really at all. It is a great budget CPU with the 8320 being even better.

The 4300 is meh. It isn't bad but not great. Considering the 6300 is only $10-$20 more makes the 4300 look a bit silly.

Because of mantle memory leak. Using more then all of my vram.

BF4 has memory leaks regardless of useing DX11 or mantle its been that way since day one (youed think that this shit would of been fixed by now)

lol, agree

In fact you shouldn't really consider the athlons. Best bang for the buck is a 6300. Mostly because the athlons are behind and will only continue getting even further behind.

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