Bottleneck in my PC?

Hey guys i just had a question.  I think there might be a bottleneck somewhere in my system

Here are my specs:

Mobo: Crosshair V FormulaZ

CPU: AMD FX 8350 stock clock

GPU: GTX 680 Superclocked

Mem: 8GB 1333mhz

HDD: Seagate 3tb 7200RPM

PSU: coolermaster 750 bronze



looks good but overclock that 8350

If you're going to overclock remember to grab an aftermarket cooler!  In terms of bottlenecks, I'm not a pro, but your build looks good? The only thing that would add some speed would be an SSD? Price can be a factor, but there are some good deals on SSD's, I can reccomend the Agility 3 series from OCZ (I have the 120GB). 

I did OC it but my last FX8350 was a bad chip and died in about 2 months but then worked again only at MUCH higher temps, also i had a H60 but the pump dosent seem to want to work anymore.

Get high end air cooling and overclock your cpu if you have bad luck with watercoolers. 

Why do you think there is a bottlenek? Are your games running slow or windows?