Bottleneck help

HI! I need some help... I recently built a computer for a relatively cheap price. I already built it and i cant return any of the parts but i had a question about weather my GPU is being bottlenecked. My concern is that my motherboard is too cheap and crappy for my graphics card. My motherboard says that PCI 3.0 will only be activated if i install a FM2+ CPU and i think i only have a FM2 socket CPU not a + and now i think that my GPU is installed into a PCI 2.0 slot instead. So if anyone can tell me if this motherboard is bottlenecking my GPU that would be great! Thanks in advance and sorry about the long paragraph :P.

PCI 2.0 is still fast enough if its x16 speed. PCI 2.0 x16 is about the same speed as PCI 3.0 x8 speed (which is the same speed SLI or Crossfire configurations run at) so I would say you are fine.

Even PCI-E 2.0 X8 is fast enough for a GPU. You can even run it at X4 and you'll only see a slight decrease in performance.

Trust me you'll be fine.