Hi im new to the forum and need some help :p i think my rig is getting bottle-necked and i don't know whats getting bottle-necked. I have been getting low fps on easy to run games like Payday the heist and others. 


My specs:


Phenom II X4 965 BE @ 3.4 GHZ STOCK


8GB Corsair vengeance 1600mhz


AMD 6950 2 GB


Antec Neo Eco 620 WATT


Antec Kuhler 620 in push pull config


Some random 30 inch Samsung TV on 1360x768 res



CPU really i thought it would be my graphic card.

The part being bottlenecked is the card, but the part that is bottlenecking it is the CPU. Since you have a decent cooler, OC that CPU to remove most of the bottleneck

I was experianceing bottle neck with my phenom 2 x3 triple core 720 be edition. Once I got a v8 cooler and maxed it from 2.8 to 3.7 I noticed alot more performance gain.  I am even hitting 45 plus fps in battlefeild 3 in eyefinity 4800*900 resolution with all setting maxed and aa turned off. I decided to run the same resolution in bf3 with no overclock and noticed my fps went to the low 30s in the same eyefinity. So yes you need to overclock . Even just a little overclock will lossen your system.

So what would be a recommended GHZ to OC it to and kinda a newbie at OCing and any helpfull tips and guide's will be greatly appreciated.  

When was the last time you reinstalled and what are your temps?

reinstalled? can you be more specific please.




formatted and reinstalled windows.

idk cant remeber it was this year though.

im thinking about getting the same cpu, if i overclock it with a decent cooler and get say 3.8ghz, what is the fastest card i could throw in with it before the card would get bottlenecked?? amd or nvidia, dont care

i cant justify getting the 2500k considering it costs 170 quid (UK) and the phenom is only 70! im even looking at a 2nd hand one on ebay for 30!