Boruto: Naruto next Generations

Let's Discuss.


Decent so far. Nostalgia trip. I would say better animation quality than Naruto so far. How long that lasts will be interesting to see.


This, also why kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.
I honestly don't think there is anything to add to the series besides shaking down fans for more money.

Stopped watching the cartoons after the Rock Lee 'curry of life' filler episode..

God that was so bad..


It was bad but the ending was awesome.

Well, everything following 135 is filler so... as Jeremy would say "SKIP!". I haven't finished Shippuuden yet - is Shippuuden even finished? I haven't followed it, I just know the manga is finished. All the groups I was following are dead - may they rest in pieces - and the last one hasn't finished yet. Kind of a shame how the fansub scene went downhill after they kinda killed the show with the filler/canon mix episodes... Even though the fillers weren't all bad.

Anyway, I'm seriously thinking if I should even watch Boruto, I can just imagine it'll drag out like Naruto did :confused: And I'm not sure I wanna spend another 10 years on a show. And it's follow-up after that obviously.

yes the manga finished some time ago, just waiting or the animation to catch up. Currently on CR we're up to episode 500.

Yeah the Manga I know about, just wasn't sure about the Anime. I'm currently about to finish Naruto/Sasuke fight remake, and really can't imagine what could possibly come after that... (not having read the manga).

So far the anime is good, i'm liking it.

LOL, i don't remember that, i dropped/stalled shippuden because of the fillers, after that i only watch the canon episodes

That episode was in the Naruto 135+ Fillers that came before Shippuuden.

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Having read the manga was a nice tool so if the particular filler was shit you could just skip it that week.