Borked Macbook?

Hey again,
Having a complete empty brain on what to do now. Macbook 2008 late aluminum body that won't boot at all.
I made a last thread about my DC connector being fried and in that situation i bought a new part for it and put it in and no luck at all.
I take everything and i mean EVERYTHING apart to see whats wrong hell i even replaced the compound which actually looked like it need some new paste, but now I'm stumped and do no know what to do.

The TL;DR sum up

Pc won't boot
Pc won't charge if connected
Charger led won't light up
Oddly enough if connected and press the indicator it blinks green (mind you battery hasn't been charged for weeks)

what have i done

Take the battery out and plug the charger in
Take the battery out and put the battery in
Check to see if its the chargers fault at the apple store....nope its not
Take every thing apart and put everything back together
Connect all the wires connecting to the mobo together

Any help in this would be appreciated.

Also link to thread of the pcb fried

and this little ribbon is the devil himself its a pain a real pain trying to get this to firmly connect, its always, ALWAYS loose and slides off.

Give this a try.

Ahhh was waiting on someone to ask that, since its removable battery i have to press tbe power button for five seconds which i did but didn't work.