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Borg Blog: interesting times. Interesting things

Can ignore. Not completely tech related, but not not tech related.

PLL and Al have threads, fuck it. I’m gunna start looking at more stuff to just screw around with and post my finds. Current projects nad such.


Currently interested in these.

Not this one specifically, but the hardware in general. I’m not sure if this is the model with an ac97 compatible sound chip, but thats the one I’m interested in.

Specifically, the one I was looking at looked like an A+ little machine to hack for use as a cabin computer in my van with some hacking.

Really right now in general I am interested in working on my van. But one of these mould just be cool to hack and make into a little media machine or systems controller

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I want to post more about my van here in general I think. I’m honestly doing a lot of things for the first time, and I get excited over stupid tiny things easily. I know its silly but, like, oh hey I got new tires. Yay! Enly just getting to it because of pandemic.

But then equally I actually have. Aconcern. So the van is built on basically a jimmy undercarriage, but everything on top is a savannah van with some whizbangs and geegaw’s. But that means its got ok drum brakes in the back, and teeny tinf single pot brakes in the front.

Am I not wrong in being scared of my fcont brakes in a roughly 4 ton van? Its not like I need to stop as fast as a race car, but like come on could I even just get a slightly bigger disc and a 2 pot brake? It legit scares me, even though its built to have that.

I mean even blazers have dual pot brakes.

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Have you considered adding an aftermarket hatch to enable custom Flintstone style brake assist?

I’m picturing a stealth gaming van with a rig in the back. I may be over thinking this…

I’ll post pictures soon. Not gaming van, lol, but def a mobile workstation. I plan to add some little things here and there to it soon.

I’m considering wide tires in the balk to better support what I’ll be adding, plus a ditch later, and later yet a rear diff and a V10 maybe if I can find one. For now I’m thinking about wider contact patch in the back for braking as it just has drum brakes and those shit front brakes.

I’m soon getting a few Semi / Commercial Tractor batteries to stuff under the bed with a charging unit that, for the moment, I’ll just barrel plug into the rest of the van, but later I will be getting solar panels, and if possible, change the rear brakes out for a recharge system, if such a thing is possible aftermarket.

I want to get a RockPro64, or 2 of them, to have as cabin-space computers. One would be hooked up to some SSD’s in a cage, an RCA switch for the TV, the TV itself (on off, channel sw), and with some work, some breakout panels to configure audio however I want between CBCPU1 and the radio, or to the CB/StWv System, or whatever else I might have.

CBCPU2, another rockpro, would strictly do network stuff. It would handle pihole, the modem, all that shit. It may also handle stuff like the lights, OBD reports, car stats, displaying shit to a tablet / screen interface later, etc. Which if I did that I’d strip the radio out, have CBCPU1 hooked up to just a plain old amplifier, and then have some controls from a phone / the tablet interface to do shit.

Generally, I’m building this to be a modern RV/mobile home with the ability to be a workspace, rolling smoke room, rolling movie theatre, etc etc whatever I want because fuck you.

Basically a living room with a full network and server infrastructure because I’m insane and need something to do.

IDK I gotta write all my ideas down.

I’ve been working on my PC lately. I actually have the cooler set up better I think, and some other things have been uprooted. I figured out why the fans were pulsing, which now they are just a consistant BRRRRR. Need to figure out this corsair cooler FFS.

And then, in the middle of a tarkov match, I realized I accidentally installed windows on just my hard drive, not my 2500mbps SSD. And it crashed. And it kept me rattled enough I FORGOT TO TAKE MY ROPE OUT FOR CLIFF DESCENT


But it’ll be OK its a fresh acct. I didn’t really get much, but I have a rope now! :smiley: thats actually rly good. I’m gunna keep just the rope in my case and do some naked runs. See what I can find before the bots kill me or someone else does. And if I find anything worth it I’ll just bolt for cliff descent. But by worth it I mean like I get a kill, have a backpack, stack up, then I’d run. I’m not wasting a rope on a red AK thats retarded.


I’ve also figured some things out about my motherboard. I cannot underclock! Physically impossible without straight up choking voltage. And while the motherboard may not have the BEST EVAR POWAR LULZ I can still overclock it relatively reliably. It goes just as far as DerBauer was able to push, 4.28ghz, and then after that it freaks the fuck out. I got it to boot once at 4.4. Only once, and I think it was a freak chance because I got a kernel panic pretty quick after boot.

I wouldn’t OC often though. No, def not. While I can, I have 2 4 pin CPU plugs and the chokes can take it, its actually run thru benchmarks at ultra while overclocked to 4.15 and I had pre-chilled the loop (ran fans at max in bios with AC on pointed into the PC), thats obviously not normal, lol. But it still worked! For like an hour! I think I even did some cpu tests, I know I did furmark but I don’t think that hits CPU that hard?

Either way I think the cooler is actually fine. I just needed to clean it and I believe the fans were set up wrong. But with the push pull config I have its completely fine for what I’m doing. Temps stay low, though whatever OS I run needs to have a configuration manager for the cooler installed. I’m not letting that slide anymore. The fact that the fans are stable now makes me happy, though it pisses me off there was no real instructions with the cooler in the box. Beh.

They’re even quiet. Its so nice. Water temp is 35.8, that’ll keep the CPU cool FTMP. Its still relatively hot… but its better than nothing lol. I’m still going to be looking at open loop cooling, and I’m a little worried that I’m going to go way way too professional on the cooling side lol. Either way I’m gunna make it nice.

Gunna look up the cpu series real quick too.

… Never mind theres nothing for that in cpu-z. I thought there was.

Well I’ll post thermals anyways, then I’m gunna fix my boot and go to bed x3

Interesting. Every once in a while it jump up to 4.4 ghz o.o I read somewhere that has to do with inf fabric, as its only a few cores doing it.

I can see the voltage jumping around. I’m gunna set it to a hard 1.15. See what happens.

So I’m cranking on my machine some more.

I’m also retarded and need to wipe everything. Luckily I just updated my bios so any temporary rootkits my system might have are gone, but I was stupid and got nostalgic the other day for the chinese OS that I used to work on sometimes and found their website. As soon as I clicked on it I knew I made a mistake.

Well, it happened. Today my mice disabled themselves and moved around, then eventually right clicked on their own. Its a simple rat, one I could probably remove myself even. When I turn a mouse on and off again it resets user control of the rat and I have control again. Then the lag time for that to get to china or india, then send a signal back over whatever 40kbps the person has, like I could fight over mouse control or I could wipe the rives and redo so I’m just doing that and not caring.

I want to properly set up my boot drive this time around. I have my cooling set, so I’m going to get everyhting else set.

I’m looking at distros right now that I want to run. I’m actually annoyed. Some distros I like held back because of the COC changes and STIL:L haven’t budged, but I wanna run them really bad? Unfortunately puppy linux based on slackware 14.2 isn’t possible on a 3900X system right now. Oh well. I’ll have to look at the newest puppy.

I’m interested in a few distros.

Void Linux (of course)
Puppy Linux (For fucking around in, honestly)
and probably somehting stupid simple like elementary or something else. Still deciding.

…Ugh, and, I’ll need to reinstall windows. I need to decide what will end up as my main system in the end, whether I want to go with my favorite OS with a bunch of custom BS, or go with something I used to use (crunchbang is around still?) that happens to be compatible with vfio guides, or lastly go with something… Egh… Standard.

I like my computer to be refreshing sometimes. A pleasent distraction from life. I dunno how to explain it. Sometimes AmiWM is just more fun to use than Gnome.

I just really don’t want to use Pop_OS or Ubuntu. I don’t like debian. Like, yeah its fine, and it just works, but sometimes I like to put a little extra work into stuff if I have the option just to wire one or two things differently in config, where a default package would be set up already.

Either way I’m kinda pissed off lol But ATP I know what games I rly want to actually play, so I will try to just back those up in a liveCD and set up stuff tomorrow. Decide what I want to run in my sleep.

Gettin tired. Almost bed time.

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Cleaning the area around my desk. I need more boxes to cuickly access shorage components within.

Looking at puppy linux.

I’m surprised that my netbook is as fast as it is right now. I think I might like this…


Sitting in my parents house is super weird yo. Theres no one here o.o and all this tech just laying around.

Gunna work on my macs today while cleaning. I want a firewall set up for my parents.

I’m also kinda thinking about snatching the grand reformat thread back.

Gunna post some pictures soon. Gunna make some changes to my van to make it a better living space. I’m at my parents house for a few days.

Diff acct same user

Getting more interested in plan 9 as the days go. Found this.

It’s a 64bit rebuild of p9. If my idea is to work I’ll need full address space. If I’m really lucky I can get some powerpc work as well going along side this. I might even work on upstorm again, bit have an x64 branch as well.

Life update:

Over tripe ass hoes.

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Username change. Aremis was my old chosen name, but its been a long time and I can’t really use it anymore. Faun is my new one, so I thought to replace my user on heere


Last post to this, then I’m closing it.

Told everyone pretty much what they needed to hear, told people off, told my mom to get bent because I’ve been greenlit by everyone but her.

I don’t give a shit anymore. Get out of my way world.