Bored of games need new!

Hey all, 

I cant seem to spend more then 1 hour or really get into the games i currently have. Right now the main games I play are WoW, BF3, BO2, Farcry 3, CS:GO. 

After one round of bf3 and bo2 I have seen enough. I just gave up on WoW after hitting 90. recently bought FC3 and CS and they can keep my attention for a bit. 

What Games are you guys playing right now that you would suggest? I am up to play anything really and would love to get hooked on a strat game that isnt that hard to learn. It can be a pc, or even consol (ps3) game. rpg, shooter, rts, or whatever. just let me know. 

I need something to immerse myself in again!

Rome Total war, Chivalry medieval warfare and Deer Hunter 4.

Saints Row 3, Bastion, Cavestory+, Mount and blade, Black Mesa, KillingFloor

Arma 2 combined operations for wasteland and dayz so many hours on that game never gets boring

They all sound pretty great! I have Arma 2 for Dayz just havent played much yet! really looking forward to playing Rome total war, Black Mesa, and Chivalry. I will for sure look into all of these games mentioned so far. 

I support FAR CR Y 3 =) it really kept me excited and i enjoyed it. I have played it 30+ hours which is MONSTER AMOUNT! for a singleplayer (mainly) game.

I also find it hard to find games that i have fun in. But after a 6months break, im back into BF3.

Hey, I haven't played DayZ in a few months now. Has performance improved as far as FPS goes? I seemed to drop between 15-20 FPS in the towns and around buildings with a lot of zombies around. So I stopped playing it even though I love it to death.

I have logged about 40 or so hours into Far Cry 3's Single Player. Also, Borderlands and Borderlands 2 are great games. I believe you can get the first for either $10 or $20 on Steam and the second is $60. 

Civilization 5 is a great game for multiplayer if you have buddys that will play it with you. Sim City will be coming out in march I believe, that should be fun as well.

I'm loving Natural Selection 2 and Dota 2.Both are great team based games with Dota filling the WOW need for 3rd person bashing and Natural Section 2 for your FPS needs.

Planetside 2 (it's free to play so no risk) is also getting some play time. One might think that I'm liking anything with a '2' in it but... eh.

well so many good games being tossed around in here im gunna have trouble choosing what to buy. I have played about 10 hours of planetside . Which is awesome if there is stuff going on, and if the squad/platoon leaders are not nazi control freaks

Find some friend's to play with or join a clan and you might find it more fun to play the games you currently have.

Metro 2033 probably isn't expensive, got it on games on demand on the 360 for 10$. It's great too, and a big modding community.

I only played it on Console, but I'm sure it'd be amazing on the PC. I hear the graphics are ridiculously amazing too.

Metro 2033 needs a very good system to play with good graphics on the PC. Keep this in mind. I picked it up in the Humble THQ Bundle a while ago but haven't installed and played it yet becasue I want to play it on a good system and my laptops GPU just wont do it justice.

Dark Souls - One of the few games in recent memory that I could legitimately call a masterpiece. It can be very unforgiving to the newcomer, which is one of the things that adds to its charm, but once you learn the mechanics and get a peek behind the curtain revealing some of the rules of the game world it is one of the most satisfying gaming experiences out there. It can be picked up for much cheapness and also runs very nicely on modest hardware, just make sure you have a gamepad as playing with the mouse+keyboard is not a good idea.

Dark Souls really is a good game. It's a bit unforgiving though... but that unforgivingness feeds into the main theme of the game very well, making it even better.

You should check out Spec Ops The Line. This game I consider art.

Also wait a bit for Rome Total War 2 and Company of Heroes 2.   2013 is gonna be a great year for RTS fans.

Far Cry 3 is not bad at all. Give it a second chance. :D


EDIT: If you decide to buy Rome Total War, please consider modding it. These two are the main thing: Rome Total Realism and Europa Barbarorum. They basically do the same thing and make the game soooo much better. 


+1 Spec Ops The Line is superb. A story that makes be curse out loud and sit slack jawed for a few moments due to it's greatness is rare, a story in a game that does so is gold dust.


Half-Life 2


Metro 2033









+1 Dishonored. Especially if you liked Deus Ex, Thief games or the first three Splinter Cells.