Bored of current gen games

Hi guys.

Am I the only one, that is kind of bored from the current state of the gaming? I mean really, think about it:

The first game I ever played on PC was StarCraft Brood War. And I can still sit down today and enjoy a game of StarCraft. The second one was Heroes III - Armageddon's Blade. Guess what - I still enjoy it.

Roller Coaster Tycoon, Caesar 3, Sim City 4, Diablo 2, ...

What do I have to play in today's world? Online Mobas, online shooters, rpgs that need 758258$ pc to run properly... Yes, there is the Indie market. I enjoyed Bastion, but there is no replayability in it. FTL was kind of ok, but I guess I am not into rogue likes. Here and there, there is something I enjoy for a couple of days, and then I go back to play RCT and StarCraft. And a found myself playing nothing in the last 6 months. And I mean nothing. Last game I played was League Of Legends. Playing the same game over and over to slightly improve my ability to play the same game over and over... I got so freaking bored.

And here I am, playing the last game I really found unique and interesting  - Patapon2 for PSP. A game from may be 10 years ago.

I just played The Wolf Among Us by Telltale Games, very interesting story. It plays like a comic book with choices that alter the ending. I'm not one to normally play games like this, but I found it very interesting and it broke the boredom of games for me. 

You say Bastion has no replay-ability whilst at the same time saying you don't like rogue likes; a tad conflicting no? XD

Perhaps your preferences are just more streamlined. The kind of games you like seem more strategy based so perhaps try XCOM or something? There's that new Civ game coming out too. I don't know dude this sounds like a personal thing so it's kind of hard to offer suggestions.

The only thing I don't like playing is FPS games. I have played both Half Life and Half Life 2, a bit of Stalker and Fallout 3, and that's about it...

Otherwise I don't really mind the genre of the game, as long as it is good.My ffavorite game atm is a rhythm game - Patapon 2, cause it's fresh, unique, well made and fairly balanced.

I like strategies a lot, but the resent game releases don't scratch very well that pulsating tumorous itch. So I moved to rpg, action adventures etc, where I see some nice ideas, and I enjoy the game for what - 3-4 days... 

I just miss games like the original StarCraft, that can be played for 10 years and still be interesting. Now if the servers are empty, 80% of the games are unplayable. 

There are a lot of not-so-popular games coming out these days. Tons of different stuff. The mainstream games seem to be pretty stagnant though, I agree with you there, but with the influx of Indie games, there is no shortage of interesting stuff to play these days.

What about Starcraft II? I find it to be pretty good, and of course custom games are free so you could even just play those.

In my honest opinion Star Craft 2 can suck on unpedicured toe of a old African Voodoo priestess... It is an awful example of great company becoming a worthless piece of cashgrabbing crap. So basically the only reason I hate SC2 is because blizzard made it. The last good blizzard game was warcraft 3. 

And yes... As you could see, the only gamesI was playing was indie games, cause they are worth spending my money on. AAA crap is crap, and I don't pay for crap. 

If you like RTS games give Planetary Annihilation a try it really stresses your spatial reasoning.

The Witcher is good.

Hookups on steam also have 3 free games.

I think gaming is better than ever. There is something for everyone nowadays.

I enjoy a lot of current games. I'm replaying Hard Reset and Shadow Warrior (new one) these days. Such incredible games. Also Borderlands 2. Too much content. I've had it for a while and I'm still not done with the main story. And FPS isn't even my favorite genre, but these three games are just that freakin' good.

What about action-adventure games like the freakin' Batman? We had to wait a lot for the technology to reach the level required to make Arkham games possible.

And for people like you, there are the upcoming Wasteland 2 and Pillars of Eternity. Not RTS, but they are safeguarding the spirit of the old-school so it may never die. You'll probably enjoy that. I'm pumped for those games.

I could make a list of all the games that I'm looking forward to in the upcoming two years and I'd probably forget a few. As long as you don't buy into the whole pre-order scam and various other shady business practices, you can have a great time with current games.

I've been gaming for over 25 years and there is never been more options available.


 You seem to enjoy strategy games. Take a look at Europa Universalis IV. Once you "get it", you won't need any other games for a while.

Well you know, I feel similarly, all i've been playing is Half Life and old N64 Games for the most part

I have the same problem :/ I keep playing cod 4 every now and then but the servers lack anyone with skill nowadays. I play competitive super smash bros. melee in my local scene and on the dolphin emulator netplay. besides that I only ever play MMO's nowadays.