Borderlands Series Order

I snagged all 3 borderlands games in the Steam summer sale for less than £20 but I would like to know what order to play them in; how they were released, 1, 2, pre-sequel Or as the game time lines 1, pre-sequel, 2??

pre sequel is the newest but is set before the first then 1 and 2 are cronological

Google / stack exchange is your friend

dont even bother with borderlands 1, its terrible, play two then the pre sequel

He wanted to know how to play them in chronological order, not wich ones to ignore.
So we have Borderlands 1 and Borderlands 2 is the sequel thus the pre-sequel is set before 2, but after 1. Thus it is 1 > pre-sequel > 2

I found borderlands 1 harder than 2, and the storyline is just backstory to the characters in 2, you could play through 2 to get good at the series then learn the back stories of characters in 1 and the pre-sequel

I know what the chronological order of the series is but I wanted to know which is better out of playing in chronological order and playing by release date.

Oh crap, I messed up. Sorry about that.

I would recommend playing them by release date. That's how I did it and I enjoyed it. It's up to you really.

Release order for everything.