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Borderlands GOTY Remasters Thread



Preemptively making this thread for tomorrow, any one else looking forward to it? Feel free to use this thread to find other people to play with and share performance results. I’m more excited for a better looking BL1 than the other games to be honest, its the first game I bought on Steam.



Oooohhhhh I knew thus was coming but not so soon. Just started another play through of BL2 with all the content. I wonder if the saves will work fine, is it just an update or a new game install type thing?

Also yes, BL1 will be interesting to see all shiny and chrome.



During the pax east presentation they said saves could transfer on console but did not specifically mention PC. I believe the games are a new .exe (game) rather than patches but that is a rumor.

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Okie dokie. Will wait and see. I am sure anyway that if it is a new install there will be a save converter dealie pretty quickly, at least I hope so. Not quite the same situation but you could convert PC to console saves with an editor so sounds like a maybe to me.



Planning to do a run through wth friends this weekend.

I have 1200+ hrs on borderlands 2 so yes i’m looking forward to it. Haven’t played in ages, ended up getting to op4-op6 on a couple of characters (legit, no downloads, no hacks whatever)… starting over will help get my eye in :smiley:

I really hope they port bl1 to linux… but not holding my breath. guessing it will run ok in wine these days.



@Zibob its an update

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In disappointing but related news. BL3 is an Epic Game Store exclusive till April 2020, has buyable XP and loot boosters.

Sad times, well I will be busy playing their other games till it is actually released. The other two things though are just a shame over all. Paying for XP…

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ah yes now I remember I did a little bit of modding back then…

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something isnt right because the minimap isnt there yet and the update was too early

the new game may still be releasing in 25 minutes

I did get all the dlc however



I just started downloading it. The first one is a separate game and it’s a 12 gigabyte download. I’ll let you all know in three and a half hours. ugh




there it is




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consistently getting over 100fps with 980ti at 3440x1440



Wow this was an incredible disappointment. They removed some options like the resolutions that used to be available in the first, second and presequel games. Can’t set toggle crouch. And the multiplayer, the main feature, is just a mess. So laggy and just annoying to play.

It also could be me but it does not look any better really.




The also released Borderlands 2 texture update is WINDOWS ONLY and breaks cross-platform multiplayer

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That’s interesting. Causes a version mismatch?



Yup, apparently.

I’m on linux and can’t download the DLC, but the steam reviews are full of complaints about it.

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I have downloaded the ultra HD update for BL2 but have not looked at it yet.

For BL1 there is also a bug where you guns don’t work when downed some times… Great.



end game reward is in chests instead of loot vomit this time

thank god

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Is there still a LAN option, Read somewhere that it was removed?