Borderlands 2 ON amd a10 5800k

just showing another benchmark at 1080p this time i record at 108p also .

please correct me if in wrong section

Not bad. What happens if you drop to 720p? I'm curious to what frame rates you get at that rez. I might consider doing an APU build.

at 720fp the avrg is 55fps

Cool. I wonder how the new DMC would run on it.

DMC runs fine on my laptop with a A6 3420M at 1366x768, the 5800K should not have any problems with it

Ooh, awesome! I love the visuals in that game, it's so trippy while being so grunge. It's pretty epic, even if the story has lots of weird bits that make barely any sense. But at least it does have a bit of a story. Now the really epic test. The obligatory, can it run Crysis? 3. I don't actually expect a response from that, so please don't go melt your APU trying it.

Also, has anyone tried checking the performance boost gained by using dual graphics?

i think crysis 3 would be playable on low settings at a lower resolution like 720p ;;(idk cuz i dont have crysis)