Borderlands 2 Maya or gaige for solo

Okay so I am stuck in between Maya or gaige for my next play through, here is what I am looking for in my character

Pure damage train, I like to hit hard and fast pref from smgs and pistols not rocket launchers, elemental or non does not matter

Can destroy crowds easily and with fun

Good for end game solo raids

Has to have a good fun factor 

Survival ability is not a massive issue I like survival via damage outputs 


Anarchy seems an annoyance to me because of build up which leads me to Maya but the damage from gaige leans me back to the middle, ideas people???



I prefer Maya.

I love Phase Lock. So I pick Maya

Phase Lock is awesome. Once you get to a high enough level there is a perk that when you phase lock someone it does all types of elemental damage.  

I liked Maya when I played. Phase Lock is a lot of fun once you put some points into it.

Gaige with whatever the middle skill tree is called it pretty awesome if you like shock damage.