Borderlands 2 for $10?

Is Borderlands 2 for $10 worth it?

I just bought it myself. I played Borderlands 1 w/ my friend on PS3, and it was pretty fun, granted we were both a buzzed. From what I hear, Borderlands 2 is an improvement in nearly every respect. With that said, I would say it's worth it.

I picked it up back in May when it was $13, and it was money well spent. With a few friends that game can be really fun. It is a HUGE improvement from Borderlands 1, as stated above.

It is definetly worth $10 in my opinion.

Hugely overrated game imo.

It was okay.

Didn't have any fun playing at all. Borderlands 1 was barely good..

If you like gun looting and spraying bullets, it should be fun for you

it looks cool graphically and i like the world it immerses you in but it sucks in other ways. head shots dont seem to matter and the ai is retarded to an extent.. you can snipe something wait for it to lose interest and snipe again. the game became boring pretty fast.

If you have a friend to do a playthrough with. It would be a great game. But if you decide to do it by yourself, its boring as hell. I did 3 playthroughs of it on ps3 with my brother and a mate. Which i could easily do again on pc if i had it.

I don't know what these people are talking about. But it's a sweet game! If you love loot and a ton of guns and humor then buy it! At 10 bucks it's a steal! 

i just bought its played 3 hous straight co-op 

For $10 it's definitely worth it. I got it on launch along with the season pass and didn't regret it.
The main quest feels a little drawn out at times but overall it's good. I'd probably miss out some of the side quests though unless you are leveling.

DLC wise the Captain Scarlett and Tiny Tina ones are the best IMO.