Borderlands 2 + All DLC & Borderlands: GOTY for $22

This is exactly why I love you Amazon, you must just have so many Steam codes for these games that you are just throwing them at babies.

Thanks for the link I'll make sure to pick this up.

I was thinking about buying Borderlands 2 on steam when I saw this. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I ended up getting both games with all the dlc for less than I was going to buy 2 by its self.

I easily put several hundred hours into these on xbox 360 and since I made the switch to pc (and never looked back) I really wanted to give them a round 2.

I picked these up too, Cant wait untill my 780 arrives so that I can crank up the settings to max XD

Wow! I have to admit, I want the 780 badly, but I think my 580 will be good for High or Very High/Ultra settings on most games for a year or so more. I think I will get the 770 when the time to upgrade comes.

Borderlands 2 is boring.