BOOTMGR is missing Error

Laptop had a bad SATA HDD so I replaced it. I am now getting the BOOTMGR is missing error. I can't boot to a CD even if I change the boot priority. The HDD is good, I tested it in the laptop with SeaTools. Any ideas?

is the CD u use bootable?

Normaly if you set the boot device priority with DVD drive as first boot, he should  allways boot to cd then, or maybe the laptop has its own boot option menu, wenn hitting some Function key whilest booting, then select DVD drive.

The CD is a Win7 Home Prem CD. It is bootable. There is no other option for boot menu.

You have a backup disk?


Not that I could boot to it anyway lol.

The fact that the boot from CD is missing, or not even selected as default is just a very poor BIOS design (I dont even believe it lol)

But does it support from booting from USB?

Try this:

Hate windows? me too! try this:


I truly hope it has USB boot support... I still find it weird tho. what ARE your bootoptions then ?

Go back into your BIOS one more time and check again, it's there somewhere. Sometimes there will be a sub menu where you need to select the device you want to boot from, so leave no stone unturned. 

What's the brand of your laptop and model number as well.