Booting problem

I have an asus sabertooth z87 mobo and a kingston hyperx 240 gig ssd that I just cloned from my previous ssd a  256 gig samsung drive. After removing the samsung drive and installing my kingston drive, on boot my pc automatically goes to the bios screen and makes me select the drive to boot and in the little bar towards the bottom where it shows the boot devices it doesnt show it but when I click on boot options its selectable through there. Any ideas why this is happening? Ps. It's really f*cking annoying having to select my drive every time I turn this puppy on.

Did you try clearing your bios or updating it?

no... cleaning? updating bios's scare me.

Scary as it may be to you, it is sometimes necessary to reset the bios. Consult your motherboard's documentation to find out how to do it. Sometimes there's a button you press when the computer is powered off and in standby. Others have a jumper that you switch. Just about all of them can be done by removing the battery somewhere on the motherboard. Do this before you update, because an update may not be necessary. 

I think the priority just got messed up, my bios has super weird options and not a lot of explanation so I just clicked some shit and now it boots, just doesn't have my pretty little bios picture so idk

A sabertooth's bios shouldn't have weird options.  It may have a lot, but Asus' bios are pretty good for the most part.

If it stops booting again, try resetting the BIOS to default settings, and then change only the boot priority to your whatever storage device your OS is on.

I reset all the settings and yet it still shows "windows boot manager" but it doesnt boot from it it just automatically throws me into the bios...