Booting between Win 10 and Leap borks window's clock ( kind of solved ) :(

An issue i haven't run into before setting up dual booting with older windows versions. Any ideas ?
I am researching the issue now but everything so far is rather dated. Like vista/ubuntu dated :)
forcing linux to run local or win reg edit ?

How did you solve this? I'm dual booting win10 and a linux distro and whatever I set the win clock to do, manual set, network time, with or without daylight savings time it is always an hour earlier than the actual time. Even if I set it to another time zone, it doesn't work between reboots.

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I thought i had it solved but it is not. I have tried both forcing linux to local and the win reg edit. I thought it was me being windows lazy. Still searching.

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Alright. Thanks for the feedback.

Been booting back and forth few the last few minutes. No easy google answers.

I was thinking it may have something to do with me having spybot anti-beacon installed + some manual tweaks to try yo lock down win10. Have you also been doing this? (btw, bios clock is also correct on mine).

Yes, I have done that also. I am now in sync on both os's but my bios clock is not accurate. I wasn't linking the the internet at log in on Leap. Once i made sure everything was setup correctly and logon on fixed the time on Leap then rebooted and notice my bios clock was no longer set and just ignored it and booted into windows. I am now rebooting to make sure it holds. Nope ! hour ahead on linux and an hour behind on windows. :(

yea, classic problem.... one uses hardware clock (linux) and one uses software clock with offset from hardware clock (winderp)

I need to fix that one myself too... I use windows so little now though I just haven't bothered.

Well after a update from Leap about timezones linux is right. Cracked open my firewall to allow windows time. It is right. My bios clock on the other hand is derp ? So far things are working. Rebooting to see if it holds.

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It held but my bios clock is derp. Almost scared to change it :)

Yeah that's also why I've been putting it off haha..

I'm the same, its sitting there takig up precious hard drive space. Im thinking of putting it on a VM with hardware passthrough so I can place the ... two.. games that I still want to play that are windows only at the moment.

No solution to your issues though, I run windows on a separate HDD so I never have to deal with its compatibility crap.

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As @eidolonFIRE said, its a classic problem.
And quite simple to solve.

Just disable the hardware clock on Linux, then, both systems will use the software clock and work just fine.
You can either do that by command line:
# hwclock --localtime

Or, through Yast:
Yast -> Date and Time -> uncheck "Hardware Clock Set to UTC" -> Ok

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I just went to system clock and set it to check the net. Make sure you get your bios clock too. I've had that get screwed up too.