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BootCamp Installation

So for installing BootCamp, the installation of Windows on a Mac in comparison to a PC is a bit different. I was just wondering if anyone knows where the BootCamp files are stored for this process. I don’t think they’re installed/at the Windows partition, but if they’re on the Mac side of things, does anyone know where exactly?

Could you be a bit more specific?

What are you calling “boot camp files”? Are you talking about the program files for boot camp itself, or are you talking about the windows partition for boot camp?

What are you ultimately trying to achieve?

The BootCamp Windows installer

I guess the question is more of how the process is able to trigger the BootCamp Windows installer so early in the Windows installation.

For reference:

@Aremis maybe?

You don’t need bootcamp to install windows. In fact you don’t really need bootcamp at all, and if you’re not on a mac pro I wouldn’t even recommend using it because its a worse pain in the balls than any disease or tortion issue.

Instead, use rEFIt or rEFInd on a cd, usb, or install it permanently in osx, then on windows use 3DPChip to install the necessary dummy and smc null driver and… Well thats it really. If you use windows 10 you don’t need to use 3DPChip.

Yeah no, fuck bootcamp dude. Its a hack, and a lazy one at that.

Well the bottom line to your question in that case is I don’t know. I am sure its buried somewhere in the apple system hierarchy, but even if you do find it, I seriously doubt finding those files will reveal anything interesting.

I am still not understanding why you care though? Is there a problem that needs solving or is this just for your own exploration and curiosity?

Installing windows in such a way helps…how?

Boot camp isn’t perfect, but I honestly haven’t seen any issues from using it.

Please tell me you aren’t arriving at these conclusions because you were trying to use bootcamp on an apple lisa or something crazy : P


IF I had a lisa I’d be a millionaire rn.

No, prior to otherwise knowirg about refit and refind, I did usembootcamp. And yeah I liked that I could reboot to osx, and that it did the picture with the eject button, all that bs. BUT… THEN it forgot my drive’ boot table. Completely. In an update. Twice. It was not just one occurrence, or two, on one machine either. Happened on my macbooks, and on my macmpro.

Now I don’t recommend rEFIt or rEFInd on a mac pro UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT ORDER YOUR INSTALLS ARE IN. Otherwisebyou’ll always hit the wrong option if you don’t have the stock gpu in.

Fuck bootcamp. That is all.

It’s done by using unattended install options. The packages are created when you make the media and launched via normal windows unattended install options.

It’s to ensure drivers are installed at the correct time and the correct way.

Is it possible to install Windows BootCamp to a PC the same way it’s done to a Mac with it being so early in the installation process?

If you you use osx to build the image, I don’t see why not. I don’t know much about hackintosh under the hood but if you’ve already booted osx you should be able to make an image for boot and either install Windows manually or by using the image you built. The special sauce will be in the image as a .msi installer iirc.

Oh it’s not Hackintosh per se, it’s a Broadcom chip that is supported by Apple, and since they have the drivers for it for Windows, I figure from there, etc…

You might not need to make the bootcamp image then to get the driver. I would boot a linux live and get the chipset info and see if theres a generic windows driver for it.