Bootable usb not working?

so i have a bootable usb and i've changed the boot order as well as disabling secure boot but it is still just booting to windows 8. any ideas? i've done some google searching into this aswell and everything is telling me just to disable secure boot. i'm using a younus 4 gb usb drive, and i used rufus to format my drive

Its a Windows 8 Pisser. You have to start into windows 8 and go to PC settings and go to General and scroll down and click restart now under Advanced Startup.  Only way I know how otherwise windows 8 just takes over for everything..

no good didn't work, when I look at it in the bios my usb has uefi in the title could that be the issue?

ok so i have gotten my usb to boot linux on my main rig (windows 7) but now my laptop (windows 8) doesn't recognize the drive as bootable