Boot Times and the speed therein

Hello everyone, after many a Distro Hopping I have settled on Manjaro XFCE as my main OS to replace Windows. The main dependancies of me choosing a Distro have been met.


So I decided to do a test, I have a fully loaded Manjaro install, a previous Windows 8.1 only install and now in linux a Virtual Machine install of Windows 7 Home Premium.


All installs are 64 bit


*Fresh install of Windows 8.1. - 27.60 seconds from post to desktop.

*Established install of Manjaro. - 14.19 seconds from post to desktop

*Semi established install of Windows 7 in Virtual Machine Manager - 18.24 seconds from post to desktop

Windows 7 was installed in the Virtual Machine as Windows 8.1 locked at the splash screen, all installs were done on the same 120 GB SSD drive.

do systemd-analyze see what it says there, I get around 4-6 seconds depending on what I disable, on a laptop with ssd I normally disable Modem Manager and other crap that I dont need, I also enable read ahead so after a few boots it speeds up.

Cheers mate will do.

And here are the results:


Startup finished in 352us (firmware) + 43us (loader) + 2.441s (kernel) + 3.162s (userspace) = 5.603s


1.041s NetworkManager.service

991ms ModemManager.service

644ms polkit.service

356ms systemd-vconsole-setup.service

353ms systemd-binfmt.service

353ms systemd-udev-trigger.service

347ms tmp.mount

346ms dev-mqueue.mount

346ms systemd-sysctl.service

343ms systemd-remount-fs.service

330ms sys-kernel-debug.mount

319ms systemd-tmpfiles-setup-dev.service

317ms alsa-restore.service

317ms dev-hugepages.mount

293ms systemd-modules-load.service

246ms systemd-logind.service

232ms upower.service

227ms libvirtd.service

214ms proc-sys-fs-binfmt_misc.mount

214ms boot-efi.mount

133ms udisks2.service

119ms dev-sda4.swap

94ms bluetooth.service 

I think I may have an issue with my bios 

installed on a 2tb drive and there is another 1.5 tb in my pc

Startup finished in 14.679s (firmware) + 4.895s (loader) + 5.347s (kernel) + 11.668s (userspace) = 36.591s