Boot SSD?

Hey guys!

I'm thinking of building a PC for under 1k including a new monitor. I'm just looking for a boot drive that's going to provide a faster boot time. I'm getting a 1 TB Western Digital blue drive for the main storage. I'm wondering if it will deliver a respectable boot time And if it cant I have a couple dollars lying around to buy a cheap SSD. 32 gigs is all I will need, as all I want to do with that memory is to store windows 7 and anything else that'll fit in the extra 12 GBs. (Browsers and frequently used programs most likely.)

I really don't feel like going over 40 bucks for it. I don't want to sound greedy or anything but I won't be able to upgrade this PC anytime soon and also don't want spend too much for it. 

Thanks so much guys!

Would be better off placing that money on your GPU. Lower end SSDs won't make too much of a difference. Your WD blue will be fine.

$40 might get you a decent caching ssd, i've yet to get one, but i like the idea, and it will speed up more than just windows