Boot off USB. (formatting)


I have my Windows 8 iso (from the pb) , and I want to bring it on to my USB to boot of my new built system. I tried using Windows' Boot program, but it didn't work. (Invalid iso file) How does anyone suggest I format the USB and move it onto my thumbdrive?





that is a problem with you file of windows not the USB stick, and it needs to be NTFS

Are you going to boot from a USB stick or install from a USB stick? either way Giga is right it needs to be NTFS


Sorry, Install from a USB stick. I have no clue how to format it, and whether it's 64 or 32bit. How I actually get the .iso onto the usb stick is what I'm confuzzled about.


Burn gParted to a disk, or use Manjaro Linux which has a great implementation of gParted, and format it to NTFS.

ALRIGHT. So I've used this ( tutorial to format and put it onto my removable disk. The problem now is that I can't eject it to put on to my new system. Help..

right click, format

microsoft has a tool for windows, idk if there is a special one but i use the windows 7 DVD/usb tool

just pull it out it will be fine

I just formatted to ntfs. Looking good!

Use Rufus!!! best program ever and extremely simple. I wish I could compile and install it on ubuntu... But anyways, it's just an .exe

Check it out

I've already formatted the drive! lol. Maybe I'll get it on my new system. c;