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Book of the Month May/June (Formerly April/May) One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich


HI all, Sorry for the delay! Let's do the discord discussion sometime around June 15 to give 6 weeks on this book. I will be attending Computex and I want to participate in this one. We can discuss here, add questions for the discord, and generally reflect on on the book.


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One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich


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There's a few different translations of the book. The one by H.T. Willetts is apparently one authorized by Solzhenitsyn. i think there's only minor differences to spelling or character names etc. in most translations.

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Good to know when I purchase this book.



I went for because 1p :grin:



Written word brigade reporting

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Got my copy.

So I ordered this and another book on the same day on Amazon (May 4th). One of them has 2-day Prime shipping and the one I have is supposed to arrive between May 11-18th. Today is May 9th and my Prime shipped book will arrive tomorrow but this used book from a third party seller arrived today, being two days earlier than scheduled.


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I got my copy today and I am enjoying it so far. I picked up the 50th anniversary edition

and I really appreciated the 2 introductions that provided some biography, history and background.


My favorite part so far:
The prisoners were only allowed to have one pair of boots. Ivan had to decide "Do I keep my finely crafted leather boots or take a pair of shitty felt boots provided by the camp that will be warmer in the winter?" He chose the felt boots for survival.

There was a remote possibility that he could get his leather boots back when the weather warmed up. But they would all be in a giant pile and someone else was sure to find them first, if a guard hadn't stolen them already.

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I've finished it.

I'm gonna go check my privileges now... :mag:

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Who else is still reading the book? I just started yesterday and probably going to read a lot today.



Having ordered twice via Amazon from 2 different sellers and both times receiving a copy of Catherine Alliot's joide de vivre One Day in May (and a refund both times).... I'm sitting this month out :joy:



Order 50
Receive refund for all 50



@gearheadgirl27 How is the book coming along? We are still doing the talk at the 15th?



lol, I forgot around 1/3 of the book already. Tends to happen since my RAM is abysmal. Gonna skim through it tomorrow and I'll be ready for the 15th.

But I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that friday or saturday (16/17th) would be better for most people.



I hope @gearheadgirl27 replies because I know she wants to participate on this one since she missed the last one. I'm all for moving the date for something convenient for everyone.

She has not been seen since early May.



5+ hours of reading time and I'm done with the book. Does anyone still want to do this book meeting before the end of the month regardless of @gearheadgirl27's involvement because she is MIA. We got nine days left of June and I'm open on any day.

@Helium_3, @Positron, @kewldude007, @Mark09301, @Eden I know you guys have at least read the book in some fashion.




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I am more or less free for the weekend, but next weekend or Friday is also good.

Also, Holy Crap time flies like a mofo...



Hey @kewldude007, what days are you avaliable for the meeting since @Helium_3 and I can participate? Is this weekend or next weekend fine with you?

@Positron have you read the book yet?