BOINC.... help, please

So i recently got a server and I now am finally able to set it up, now it has an okay xeon, but I also don’t pay for power and actually want to contribute something to science, so I thought I would use BOINC. So I am a bit stumped on how to really secure the server from foreign connections and to get the server to use idle cpu cycles to find aliens and pulsars. Now I have visited the page about setting up a server, but blocking connections and doing UNIX admin work is new, so I am looking really for one of the O’relly books or just a basic direction.

Heres what you do.

Download and install centos, during the installation select the default security profile.

Once its up install docker from the repos, and then pull the BOINC docker image. Open up the ports it needs in your firewall (if any) and you’re good to go. Should take like 30 minutes to do everything.

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Shit, already have ubuntu on the machine, any way where I don’t have to install a new OS? Also how does a full docker image just use the idle cpu cycles, isn’t that just selected when you’re in the controls

yeah, I only reccomend Centos because its the standard.

Since you’re on ubuntu (server?) just make sure you have ufw configured, root password login disabled, and then install docker and pull their docker image. Then open any needed ports in ufw for BOINC to work.

Yeah, ubuntu server, I hear that centOS isn’t really that new as it’s community red hat, what’s your argument for centOS as a home lab OS?

if you go to /r/homelab they usually reccomend you run CentOS (or some other server oriented one) if you plan to run with any used enterprise gear.

Its running the LTS stable kernels for 3.16. Its meant for usually mission-critical applications where stability is a must.