Body Hacking

hey all. stumbled across this video on youtube was just wondering what everyone's view is on this and even what logan and wendell's view is on biochips all together.

Thanks, GrrMuffins.

interesting, but god damn does that device need to be smaller haha!

I am always interested in what such advancements could yield but the risk of it being used to invade your privacy is currently far too great. Unfortunately the funding needed currently to advance this field in a meaningful way is going to bring too much into question as its hard to trust them like you might trust the enthusiast scene. And I am not sure there is much at the current level that could be achieved in a much less invasive way. I get that these guys want to break new ground, which is cool, but I doubt it can do much that couldn't be mounted on the underside of a watch strap.

realistically I am more interested in what we could get from wearable tech, and if I had the time that is where I would spend my time researching. Particularly clothing.