Anyone recommend a nice clean bluray player for PC?

I am sick of cyberlink which is borderline malware that came with my Samsung bluray drive

I was about to recommend the one I use and realized it's also cyberlink. lol

The only bluray I own is the back to the future trilogy. You could use dvdfab and turn all your blurays into files instead. thats an option.

does VLC not play blueray?

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it apparently doesn't , it can play the files , but not the actual bluray

Bloody DRM

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If you have a xbox 360 laying around it make a great stand alone bluray player

Pretty sure 360 doesn't have Bluray player. New XBone does and PS3 too.

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You're kind of out of luck because of the BD DRM....
I'm not saying be a pirate...but if you bought the disc, just download the movie. A lot of the time the BD's come with download codes anyways.

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This is news to me. So you are telling me that if buy BD movie and put it into my computer I won't be able to play it? What the actual F*ck

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VLC can play bluerays if you have the encryption keys. Since the DMCA says that is illegal I will let you google that.

MakeMKV can also rip bluerays and remove DRM.

um yeah lol...

Yeah, I found that out the hard way.
"What do we do with all this space on optical media now?"
"I don't know, fuck it, fill it up with anti-copy protection!"
Only licensed softwares can do BD playback and most of them are essentially akin to malware. The one that came packaged with my BD burner couldn't even use external sound hardware...imagine how pissed I was about that.

since VLC is not one of these licensed media players, you can't play BD's through VLC...go figure.
There are some work arounds for VLC depending on the type of DRM used on the disc, but the only way to find out what type of DRM is on the disc is try and play it and see what happens.

I think this quote is appropriate though:
"If VLC can't play it then it's broken"

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360 could only play HDDVDs with an upgrade not blu ray

Rip it with MakeMKV transcode it down to a manageable size with handbrake and play back with Plex.

too much effort. I just buy the disc then go to KAT

I have a script ;)

Auto rips, transcodes and places into my NAS.

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I'm too dumb for I just buy the disc and go to KAT

I play back over my TV via the roku. Gotta have that surround sound. And once ripped never have to get up to change the disc. :)

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That is f**king unreal. I expect the 4K-Blurays will have even stronger DRM.
Well PirateBay and KAT are our friends. It's ironic how the movie/music production companies try so hard to kill piracy and yet their actions are forcing us to pirate even more.

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Wuuuuuut? We're not going to have 4k BD! How ever are they to fit a movie 4x bigger than current movies with all that DRM they have on the disc. There's just no way....
Time to come up with a new type optical media...

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