Blunty messed up

"PC gamers are douchebags...."

Generalizations. Generalizations everywhere.

it's tough not to be a douchebag when you know you have a vastly superior gaming experience.

Why am I incensed by people having choices?


Because those other choices are money pits and inferior. People need to be shown that there is another way. Not having to spend money to change your gamertag, cheaper and better games. Why wouldn't I want to invite someone to a better way of being?


SMACK TALKING PUSSIES...?!?! Fight me, Blunty!


Grow up children!

Mate, sod off with your Dreamcast logo!

Yeah... I recognise the mark of the devil in all it's forms

Hes just mad because he bought all the next gen consoles.

Nvidia showed of Tegra K1.. Butt hurt ensued.

an open letter to the pc master race

now let me stop you right there buddy, it's the GLORIOUS pc master race, if you have problems with us that's one thing, but i will not have you slandering our glorious name

I am going to go contrary to what all of you said. He has a point! We luckily don't see it here that often because we are all grown up and accept people use what they want to. However he seems to have been stricken hard and fast by the whiny young children who have rich parents and get what they want, when they want.

But then saying that.... consoles gamers aren't that smart anyway. Proof

That comment was for both PC gamers and console gamers.

Lmao I don't agree with this guy because of 2 things. One you can plug in an xbox controller into a pc and use it. 2 there is ps4 and xbox1 emulators, even wii emulators. This guy should definitely host a show though.

My opinion: Shut the hell up and play your fucking games. Console elitists need to stop trolling PC gamers, PC elitists need to stop trolling console gamers. Say all the hell you want about PC being a better deal hardware wise and all the Steam sales are awesome, I am not denying that at all. HOWEVER, if people prefer playing on console because it's simpler and it has nice exclusives, they have the full right to do so, don't just randomly start hating on people just because they have a preference that is not to your liking. They also have the full right to play on both platforms, and if you do, good for you, so do I, I play on whatever I find good games on.

Some of you guys here are proving Blunty's point, that there are many PC elitist out there just being dicks to console gamers because they really don't play on PC, and it's annoying as hell and vice versa.

It's the modern Blunty, what did you expect?

2 there is ps4 and xbox1 emulators,

No. No there are not.

Not YET anyways

In probably like 10 years, maybe. Even if they are x86, they're still pretty complex systems and will be extremely hard to emulate.

LOL, even Yatzee, who made the now infamous PC master race video, games primarily on PC. He does have points on PC gamers spending way too much time trolling the console crowd.

Lol, I made a thread about that video a while ago. It's perfect.

Joe Rogan really let him self go.