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Bluetooth Module Passthrough

I have succesfully done passthrough for VGA and wifi
i am using Broadcom BCM943602CS module for wifi and bluetooth plugged in to pcie x1 and is compatible with mac os.
I have successfully passed through the wifi but i dont know how to pass through the bluetooth as it is an hci device and only shows when i use the
any help will be appreciated.

Since you’re doing a macOS VM, you need a uPD720202 USB 3.0 controller flashed to a Sonnet firmware, then plug the USB header from the WiFi card into a USB port on that controller. Passing through using the QEMU USB passthrough can be unpredictable. If the VM can directly see a controller and use USB directly, it’s better that way.


x2 on the above… I had to pass through the entire USB controller to get my m.2 based Intel Bluetooth module working on a VM. The WiFi part of the module was PCI based, but the BT was on USB and passin just the usb device did not work.