Bluetooth headphones no audio during calls

My first pair of wireless headphones arrived today and I was eager to use them, as I’m stuck working from home and my USB headset broke last week and I’m forced to do all my Teams/Hangouts meetings via my phone which gets annoying when someone has to present something …

Unfortunately, I just found out that there is an issue with Windows and Bluetooth headsets, where the headphones get discovered as 2 devices (stereo headphones and a handsfree) and after a few minutes of a call, the audio stops working and only the mic does…

I tried searching the interwebs, but the only thing I found as a possible solution is to get a USB adapter.
Has anyone had this problem and found a solution to it?

Make sure that the devices are assigned correctly (Usually one stops working during a call.)
Second is that you do not allow apps to take control (settings for each device.)

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Thanks, but I tried this and still after a few minutes of the call, the audio stops… :neutral_face:

Does disabling one or the other help?

Settings > System > Sound > Manage sound devices


disable the hands free device entirely

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If I disable the headphones, there’s no stereo and still the problem persists.
If I disable the hands free headset, the mic doesn’t work. :confused:

The mic should show up separate from the hands free in the sound control panel

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Nah both have to be on for it to work properly. BT can be weird since it depends a lot on drivers, OS and the FW of the device. You could shop around for drivers from the manufactures of the adapter.

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Yeah, I tried installing the latest drivers from Intel, but still nothing…
I will buy a USB adapter and see if it will work.
I saw that Jabra sells their bluetooth headsets with a dongle, so that Windows will discover only the dongle.

Thats not how mine works. theres a separate audio device and mic and then a handsfree device. Using the hands free results in crappy call quality and the same symptoms

This issue is on Windows. :slight_smile:

I only have 2 devices - the headphones (stereo) and the hands free :confused:

under the audio output side right? or is hands free on the recording tab of the control panel?


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right, so set the default device to the same as the communication device

You want the headphones as communications default for sound output

and headset as default as your mic

windows sound is confusing because theres not a great distinction for when the communications device actually gets used by an application.

The alternative is setting the audio device in the application itself manually.

When I do this and try to make a call there is no audio at all.

I tried all the possible configurations and still the result is the same :confused:
Thank you for your support.
Unfortunately, I think that the only possible solution left is to buy a Bluetooth usb dongle and give it a try …

I guess that’s why Jabra ships one with their wireless headphones, but I’m not going to pay 70 Euro for a Bluetooth USB dongle …

I dont think a different bluetooth receiver will change anything for you.

This is an issue with the headset I’m fairly certain. The reason for the distinction between headset and headphone is for smartphones which switch to a lower quality, lower latency codec for communications and a higher quality, higher latency one for music.

You’d be better served with a different headset IMO.