Bluescreen of death

Keep in mind that according to Gigabyte, there are two 560ti one has 448 cuda cores and the other does not.

First time I've tried it. But I bought it second hand about 1 or 2 years ago so they rpevious owner might have tried it I don't know. I went through the Gigabyte website and made sure I was looking at the right card.

Awesome, btw apparently you're not the only one who has had this issue. On their site they have this specific response to people who have also had a problem with the nvidia experience.

yeah, I saw this when looking for the BIOS. But I tried that without reasising it was an FAQ while trying to fix it yesturday. But no matter if I installed the drivers through Nvidia experiance or manually it seemed to crash my PC

Use this tool to uninstall the old drivers in safe mode.

I've gtg to work now, if you're still having trouble I will be on later tonight 6pm est.

Thank you so much for you help. You have been so helpful.

Thank you I appreciate it! :)