Bluescreen of death

Okay, so I was just starting a game of warthunder which then froze and by pc then gave me a BCOD. Sadly it then disappeared before I could read what it said. When I tried to reboot I got another Blue screen. And then it would reboot, another Blue screen. I am able to boot into safe mode but I don't really know where to start with repairing my machine.
Please tell me what you need to know to diagnose the problem and ant advise is much appreciated.

You may want to reinstall your graphics drivers or restore your system using System Restore.

What version of Windows are you running?

I am using windows 7 64-bit Home premium.
And sadly, I checked on my restore points. Despite settings my pc on a weekly backup. The only restore point I have is about 6 months old.
But I will try reinstalling my gpu drivers
Thanks for the quick reply
edit: despite booting into safemode with networking geforce experience cannot connect to the servers. Web pages will load. should I download them straight from the web or will that just give me contradicting drivers?

First, upload your dump files if you want someone to look at them to pinpoint the issue. They can be found in C:\Windows\Minidump. upload them to mediafire or something and post it here with @Novasty so I will remember to actually look at it.

NOTE: To others who want to help with BSODs, always ask for the dump file and use a tool like WinDbg to pinpoint the issue. BluescreenView is a good tool, but doesn't help as much.

To people with BSODs, upload the dumps.

those are all the minidump files in that folder @Novasty
ty for your help

Give me a moment, you gave me quite a few of them so it will take some time to look over.

Of the 8 dumps you gave me.... would you like me to publish the information here or PM you?

You can publish here. Although you will need to explain it in basic terms. I am not really familiar with the inner workings of windows and this is far from my familiar programming languages.
thanks for your help.
edit: woops, forgot to make it a reply to you @Novasty

Sorry for late reply, I was literally up all night zero sleep, so I was killing myself pretty hard debugging your things. I fell asleep like 3 hours ago. Dumps 1 - 5 are each unique BSODs from January to April, they point to bad memory modules, I would do memtest on them. Last 3, uninstall your nVidia drivers, and re-install them if you are using a GTX video card.

Great, thank you so much for your help.

I forgot to mention, uninstall them in safe mode.

Aye, will do. Thanks

For your future reference.. heres a thread with the list of people you should @ your issues to

Ah Thanks, I missed that thread. I will keep it in mind.

Okay, is there something I am missing? I went into safe mode and uninstalled everything with Nvidia on it (I use a gtx 560ti). Then it would boot quite happily into normal mode. Until I reinstalled Nvidia experience. I installed the drivers through that and it again BSOD then I restarted to finish the install.

And as suggested by @R00tz31820

Cheers for all the help

I suspect this may be an issue with the bios on your gpu. Recent nvidia drivers software may be incompatible with your bios version on your card(since you are using an older card). I will have to read the minidump files more thoroghly but i think this is this issue. It happens sometimes on cards (nvidia an amd alike). If flashing a new bios onto your card doesn't work then you may just have to run older drivers and disable updates. Go snag the open source nvidia drivers.

Okay I will try updating the bios for the card. If that doesn't work where do I find the older drivers? I looked but I couldn't find any

click here and download the driver version 344.11 (I believe that one is the one you need bc it suppors openGL 4.1) Also you may find this link helpful.

Great thank you. It us downloading now. I tried updating the bios that I downloaded from gigabytes's website. But it just says is the wrong gpu model. But I checked the serial code (GV-N560OC 1GI GIGABYTE) so the bios is correct.

Have you flashed a new bios onto your gpu before, or is this your first time?