Blueray playback issiues, software or hardware?

Iv just build a htpc for the living room , nothing to fancy.
The specs are
Athlon 200ge
16gb of ram at 2666mhz
120gb m.2
Asrock b350 itx ac fataility
blueray /dvd drive

Software is windows 10 pro in tablet mode and for blue ray playback am using Leawo free software.

Problem am having is the blue ray video lags and theres no sound than eventually the sound catches up, there is a hell of a lot of noise coming from the drive.

If I play a standard DVD I have no issiues and the drive is almost silent.

my tv abd bluerays are 1080p, no 4k at all

bluray drives are sensitive to contamination on the lens and should be cleaned regularly.
this would be evident with a lot of read cycling as the head is searching the disc.
this could also show itself with lagging video, sound issues and no disc errors.
bluray disc format is finicky at best compared to udf and dvd format
but if the drive is noisy (aside from search noise)their may be mechanical issues

being windows 10 it shouldn’t be driver issues unless this occurred after updates
you can try to reinstall the drivers and see if this corrects it. but invest in a good optical drive cleaning kit.