Blue Yeti and Audio Technica AD500x for Sale!

Sold on /r/hardwareswap

FYI we have a BST section.

You also need to be a TL1 user (Basic) to post BST threads,

As well as needing to have your username physically in the pictures of items for sale.

Good luck with your sale otherwise!

Really? Sorry! Quite new here, as you could probably see. Actually ended up coming from the L1 Community Discord Server, where someone had recommended making a post here in the forum. Should I just delete it for now? Overall I’d like to avoid using Craigslist if possible.

It’s actually super easy to become TL1, it’s literally making a few posts and reading through a few threads.

The pictures should be updated to have your username in them somewhere (scrap paper is fine).

And a mod or leader can move your thread without a problem. A mod could unlist it too until you are TL1/have the pictures updated so you don’t have to remake the thread. @Eden?


I’ve unlisted it but will move it to the #community:buy-sale-trade section.

You might need to be TL1 to see the category though, we don’t allow brand new users to post things for sale to avoid spam, bit its quick to get TL1.

Once you’ve updated your images though according to the listed rules that @w.meri posted, ill unlist it for people to see.

Alright—and regardless I was planning on getting more involved with this forum as a whole, so I guess that works out. Thanks!

Also, do you think that just taking another picture with both of those in it along with my username could work as well? Honestly spent like half an hour trying to get a few semi-decent photos, and I feel like those turned out quite well. Relatively speaking, at least.

Keep the photos they’re good quality, just add some new ones that also follow the rules e.g. username + items for sale clear in the frame.

Would I just post them in a reply? Pretty sure when I was creating this thread I received an error informing me of the apparent limit of two images per post.

I made you TL1 now, you should be able to add more photos?

Apparently so. Just made the edit now. Look good?

It also needs the date, but I’ll let that slide today, it’s Friday. :smiley:

Lmao, alright. Thanks! :smile: