Blue Screens with R9 280X in Windows 8

I keep encountering Blue screens when I boot into Windows 8 with my XFX R9 280X. It only happens when I move the mouse around or click on things. When I remove the GPU I can use the PC as normal. It seems like it is a hardware problem with the GPU but it might be a driver problem or a faulty VGA port on my PSU as suggested by some one on the Tom's Hardware forums.

Any help would be great. I have just built my first PC and I am very disappointed.

What's the BSOD error?

I am not sure. I would get blue, green and sometimes white screens.

I have since received a refund for the card and I am thinking of getting the GTX 970. I am looking at the MSI "Gaming" one. It will match my build quite nicely.

Also, I need to get rid of my AMD drivers as they cause crashes in games sometimes. (I spent half a day playing Civ V and the game crashed due to driver problems. I didn't save the game.) Would deleting the driver and the app in the Metro tiles completely get rid of them from the ssd?

Did you buy it used? I know if it's used they might have a custom bios on it. Or it was ran to the ground by bitcoin miners. I know one of my ATI 6970 can't do directx 11, if it does it has artifacts like what you see polygon tearing and being OC'ed. I had to downclock my brother's R9 280x from 1150mhz to 1000mhz and it alievaited most 3D gaming BSOD, did you try doing that first?

It woulda been nice if you recorded the error like aibios.sys or xfile.sys then you coulda looked it up.