Blu Ray Software

So I bought a blu ray player a while back but they never gave me the damn software with it!  So I've had the blu ray player over 6 months now and haven't watched anything as I don't wanna waste money on the software.  I'm not a big fan of pirating stuff so I haven't gone that route.  So my question essentially is do any of you know of a way I can get some free(but still high quality) blu ray software so I can finally enjoy my goddamn Star Wars Blu Ray boxset!?!??  Thanks for your time and suggestions guys.

i don't even own a blu ray player but


To play a Blu-ray Disc use PowerDVDWinDVD or ArcSoft TotalMedia Extreme. There are currently no free Blu-ray players(with menu support). 
Play m2ts files using the same software or free tools like VLC Media Player or Media Player Classic Home Cinema.

However you can convert your Bluray to mp4 with the likes of DvDFab or something

Thanks for the reply brother.  Well hell I refuse to pay for software when I've already paid for the disc drive.  I believe this is one of those rare cases where pirating is justified.  I paid for a product that does not work as advertised and it's misleading.  I'm gonna get my damn software.  Thanks for your time brother, time to finally force my wife to watch star wars.


Yeah i wasn't sayin go pay for it :)

i have the pirated version myself

i use powerdvd and it works great, you can use a phone as a remote and stram to it also, its nice if you have your pc hooked up to a bigger monitor or tv and not sitting right infront of it

Hate how you have to buy software and the cheapest one a $99. Unless one is on sale.Very misleading when you buy the drive since it doesn't meantion that you need a paid codec to decode the thing you payed for. disc and drive.

But what I do since I don't want to pay for the software is just rip my blu-ray to my pc hard drive and playback in a player that does m2ts files. Thats what I do with my 3D movies also and than just have Nvidia's steroscopic player to select the left eye and right eye movie to play back on my tv.

I don't know where you live and what your laws are but it is legal for me to rip a physical copy that I own since it is for personal use only and I am not selling or distrubuting it.

The files are about 30GB raw for modern titles and 15-20GB for old titles upconverted so a 1TB hdd would be good just for movies if thats what you want to do. Adobe media encoder also has problems recognizing the file m2ts and doesn't pick up the sound so you can't compress it in that way because it will have no sound.

VLC works fine to play bluray in windows or linux and its free. 

If you want to get into ripping your blu ray collection to store them digitally go with MakeMKV and handbrake both of those are free too and fairly easy to use.

Have you tryed the klite codex pack yet?

Thanks everyone for the replies, I gotta say this is probably the most helpful community I've found on the ole inter webs.  Thanks again guys.

Don't know too much about bluray drives but if vlc doesn't play it nothing will

reminds me of dvd drives with windows xp same problem.