Blu Ray player with network interface?

i was helping my grandparents set up a new TV they got and and Blu Ray player they got with it, and when plugging the HDMI cable into the blu ray player i noticed there was an RJ45 port that was labled to run at 10/100 speeds on the back of the player. also it was aparently running some Java OS. They got the thing from a friend so it didnt have a box or any manuals i could read from, so i dont know what its used for. only thing i can think it could be used for is streaming to a PC or a smart TV, but maybe something els... Any ideas?

It's for the internet. But it might also support streaming from dlna devicesĀ 

I agree with Dexter.

It must have a brand name and Model No./Serial No. mentioned somewhere on the player. You can view the website or just google it.