Blu-Ray Encoding handbrake parameters?

After deciding to go with handbrake, I've decided to ask what you use to encode blu-ray content with. H264 ort 265? And various other handbrake parameters.

If I have the time and want a low file size, HEVC via x265, (CRF=17, 10-bit, yuv444p)

Or if I want better compatibility, AVC via x264, (CRF=18, 10-bit, yuv420p)

Or for hardsubs (throw-away encodes), Handbrake, AVC, (CRF=20, 8-bit, yuv420p)

Handbrake and ffmpeg only support 8-bit, unless you're into compiling software or DLing 3rd party exe's. I do not do 8-bit at all besides hardsubs but nothing really supports hardware accelerated 10-bit playback for either AVC/HEVC so if hardware compatibility is important to you, stick with 8-bit.

Note: I use x264/x265, but the ffmpeg and Handbrake settings should be comparable.