Bloomberg's China Spy Chip Story: Real, or Fake? | Level One Techs

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You should be hired as the new faceless robot


Make it happen. :slight_smile:

A wild L1T video appears

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Very well done video.

The “fooling the indicator of compromise” thing just flashes back to all those PS2 modchips and PS3 modding, because lots of people wanted to do more with Sony consoles and were prevented from doing so. The only way to have a jailbroken PS3 or PSP was to take advantage of software vulnerabilities. Same is true with the older fat PS4s.

Nice job folks, I’m real curious as to how far this is going to go. Without actual documented verifiable proof of this what Bloomburg says its going to be tough to get behind it.

with all the issues amazon has with just the normal customers not locking down there buckets who needs it.

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