Blockchain ,Bitcoin ,etherium

The mining craze and the rise and fall of Bitcoin the currency came and went but it caught my interest in block chain technology

I searched online but saw
There are multiple sources online listing their own currency and application of block chain but I am lost pondering about these thoughts.
what is blockchain ?
Why is it so attractive to Facebook and other conglomerates to invest in it ?
Other than the matter of them creating their own currency and economy .
Whats the appeal and the benefital applications for such tech ?
I am new to computers in general
I fell in love with this community of PC builder and tinkerers believe you guys are better suited to help me .
What are your thoughts where should I search for my answers to satisfy my hunger.

Thank you

what is blockchain ?

A clever form of a distributed, public database.

Why is it so attractive to Facebook and other conglomerates to invest in it?

Credit card companies charge merchants something between 2% and 4% of the purchase price in order to process purchases. It’s how Mastercard and Visa make money. Because customers hate surcharges, surprises, and hidden fees, merchants pay this fee themselves as a part of doing business. Pretty much only gas stations and convenience stores pass it on to the customer.

Cryptocurrencies almost all have transaction fees that are substantially lower than 2%. Without raising prices, companies that impliment blockchain theoretically save money over using a credit card processor.

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