Blizzard's new game - Overwatch

Blizzard have a new game, overwatch.

The cinematic trailer is pretty cool. Kinda amazed at the work that goes into these games. At some point they could become an art form.

Should be interesting. Thoughts?

Feels like a mix between TF2 and AwesomeNauts.  Maybe Blizz is taking a page out of Valve's book.  Could be good.  Nothing terribly original though.

looks amazing tho

Looks like another TF2 clone. And even with Blizzards name behind it it most likely wont last. And if it's not FTP it wont even make it off the ground.

Apparently this game came from the PvP section of their new MMO that was in development, "Titan". But It got cancelled. I think it looks cool, does look a lot like TF2 but I still think it looks good.

I think it looks fun.  lots of different play styles

I might play it if its F2P. Recently I got VACed because of some fuck tard decided to use hacks on my family shared games so his and my accounts got VACed. YEY Valve for not allowing us to provide a way to fight our VAC ban!!!!!!

Game seems interesting. Game reminds me of TF2, due to having character. Might put this on my radar.

Games are most definitely an art form btw.

I know, but there are doubters that do not put a good argument.

Ya, nothing trying to figure out if a game is any good by watching a worthless trailer. It does strike me that this looks alot like Wildstar ( Never played WOW )