Blizzard banning WINE users in D3

Just read this article- ( ) I am quite disgusted at blizzard right now. they are banning on the grounds of ''unsupported third-party software'' this is a big blow to linux gamers and some changes need to be made!


Never played a Blizzard game.

I think there is a bigger conspiracy against Linux so many company's against supporting them. I was shocked to hear about nvidia a company i thought was more open and now Blizzard something is going on.

Well do you use linux? If so wine?

you sir are getting the point! Linux is free and open source and unlike apple and microsoft there isn't a lot of money in Linux other than in servers and other commercial applications. Therefore I believe that apple and Microsoft are indeed trying to kill the opensource movement just becasuse it's taking a small marketshare away from their money grabbing hands. If linux had the game supoport like windows has, I along with a lot of other people would switch.

Well this could just be the begining of stuff like this happening. I mean there are a lot of devs out there and if they all decide to do something like ban WINE users then it could certainly halt the advancement of natively supported games on linux. which is NO BUENO.