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Blender vs Food Processor


My opinion
If your into soups and homemade salad dressing…Blender
If your into pastries, pie crusts. Food Processor hands down.

Homemade dough, small amounts can be made in a food processor.



I just bought a food processor… I got it yesterday. Im thinking of posting it in the “what new thing…” forum post. Gonna make keto cookies and stuff ! Lol

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I say blender and mixer.
Dough you can make by hand. And the mixer have dough hooks for some stuff that really require heavy mixing.
But other than that - blender and mixer should be completely fine…
I say mortar and pestle are good for making dressings and it have other uses, but then again, so does the blender and creaming a soup is pretty much impossible without blender, so theres that…

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I have a 1500W blender, anything I don’t want liquified I use my hand-powered food processor or mortar and pestle.



I use food processor for salsa and hot sauce, mortar and pestle mostly for dried or fresh herbs, everything else is with a knife or by hand. Soups like potato cheddar or a Bisque is simple enough, just need it cooked over low heat for awhile then it all de-solves when stirred, for everything else I just use a ricer or masher. Used to use blenders for shakes but I have a 45ish year old blender that mostly works and every new one I get burns out after a few months. Works out well since most of what I like doesn’t require one anyways.



Could a vitamix not make pie crusties or pastries on a lower setting? I think whoever stated blender and Kitchenaid was correct. I mean for bread dough, cookie dough, and pie fillings the mixer is the way to go. I find that a food processor is really best for me personally with Cheese shredding and making pesto sauces or other forms of sandwich/dipping sauce.

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I have more uses for blender than food processor, tbh.

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