Blender Foundations YouTube Channel Blocked by YouTube Worldwide

Yeah, it took adobe until last month to figure out multithreaded CPU rendering.

That, and I like that resolve uses OFX instead of some random API that doesn’t work on any other software. I can do a first pass in nuke/fusion/flame/natron/whatever and then if i need to tweak it or add a second pass on the same effect later on, I can just pop it into resolve.


The point I was trying to make is that youtube is kicking tutorials for open tools that allow people to put content on youtube. Kdenlive is the most used open video editor, so it is the obvious example.

Yeah I get that

probably a policy change now that the rest of their business can’t subsidize that extreme excess of permanent video hosting rather than some vendetta against open source tools though. Youtube has a bottom line.

I wouldn’t be suprised to see a) a monetization model where ads play regardless of your consent/participation in their monetization and b) some sort of premium uploader tier from them in the future.

How adobe can use an IGPU to boost performance but not a 1080TI or a Vega64 over another random GPU in the machine is beyond incompetent.
Did intel just send a basic bitch tech to adobe and say use the IGPU. adobe need all the help they can get.

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Probably because they still think all their users are on Mac. (and the numbers probably reflect that.)

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Time to move over to DTube.